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We offer a stable and well paid job, with full accomodation and transport costs covered. We follow the highest standards in health and safety issues and we provide profesional tools and clothing. We employ both highly qualified professionals as well as unexperienced workers, who want to gain their knowledge during our specialized training programme. See below for details.

Current job offers

Workshop Tinsmith

Workshop tinsmith, prefabrication of insulation elements.
Region: Sweden.


  • Vocational or technical tinsmith education
  • Minimum 3 years of professional experience as a tinsmith
  • Good knowledge of technical and isometric drawing
  • Ability to prefabricate industrial fittings and hoods
  • Handling of mechanical bodywork machines
  • Teamwork predispositions

Not required, but welcome:

  • Spoken English or Swedish language
  • Driving license



Industrial insulation fitter.
Region: Sweden.


  • Willingness to work for at least 2 months (training + trial)

Not required, but welcome:

  • Professional experience
  • Spoken english language
  • Vocational education